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Chalet F1


Authenticity in a complex design task is a particular challenge when seemingly contradictory elements define the objective at first glance.

A straightforward contemporary architecture, abstractly reminiscent of a simple barn, and an interior that should possess the elegance of a Parisian city apartment were the ideas of our visionary clients.

Contemplative tranquility and cheerful coexistence with a large family, along with the challenges of different seasonal activities, needed to be integrated into a functional and design context.

It was important to us that this appeared effortless... as if the house had always been there...

The distinctive landscape archaism of the monumental mountain panorama was a central part of the conceptual solution.
Using very few materials such as exposed concrete, carbonized wood, smoked oak, and bronzed steel, we managed to find a unique and coherent solution that blends harmoniously with the furnishings carefully selected by our remarkable client, resulting in a logical whole.

The construction was completed in an extremely short period of just under two years, reaching a level of perfection that is almost unimaginable for us.

This achievement is thanks to the exceptional quality of the local planners and experts. Rarely have we worked with craftsmen of this caliber before.

After two years of intense work, we look upon the result with pride and humility.. 

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