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Townhouse K3

Koenigstein i. Taunus

The townhouse, built around 1900 in a suburb of Frankfurt, had lost its clarity, proportion, and beauty through numerous renovations, no longer reflecting the architectural qualities of the Gründerzeit era.

An unsightly extension had been added to the rear facade, sandwiched between the townhouse and an adjacent half-timbered barn from 1850.

Our goal was to restore the building’s original design quality and reshape the interior to meet contemporary needs.

It was particularly important to lead the house energetically into the future.

The facade was insulated, new windows and a new roof were installed to ensure an efficient building envelope. A photovoltaic system was implemented for energy generation.

The heating energy is produced through an air-to-air heat exchanger. As a result, the house has gained a large degree of self-sufficiency, without the need for fossil fuels.

We are particularly proud of this achievement!

The kitchen, as the central space of domestic life, holds special significance in this project.

From a design perspective, the kitchen serves as a bridge between the era of the house with its beginning industrialization and the grand bourgeois elements of the late period, characterized by stucco, high pedestals, and panel doors.

The courtyard that emerged between the buildings creates an urban oasis with a deep line of sight towards the Taunus.

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