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Bungalow L2



Located near the Elbe River on a beautifully wooded property, this bungalow exudes a Californian flair in the style of Richard Neutra.

The interior of the house had lost its connection to the external shell after several renovations.

We were entrusted by particularly kind clients with the comprehensive re-conception of the interior architectural structure.

With an excellent team of craftsmen, we were able to imbue the house with a cheerful ambiance that is in harmony with the architecture and the surrounding landscape, all achieved in an astonishingly short period of time.

We are especially grateful to our carpenters and stonemasons for enabling us to achieve such high-quality interior finishes from a distance.

We particularly appreciate the integration between the interior space and the architecture, which becomes visible in certain areas, such as the kitchen.
The facade stone transitions into the horizontally grooved kitchen front. All colors and materials come together to form an organic whole.

We imagine that life in this house will feel sunny and cheerful, even during rainy Hamburg weather.

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