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Hospitality concept 

Hotel The Clara


In the private residential projects we work on, the main question is always how to create an individual response to the need for coziness and a sense of home.

Developing a concept for a boutique hotel presents a similar yet distinct challenge.

As a guest in a hotel, one desires hygiene and comfort. You don’t want to be reminded that someone else slept in the same bed the day before.

However, you also want to feel at home so that your overnight stay doesn’t disrupt your sleep.

With very few things, ideally non-movable objects, a personal connection between the space and the guest must be established as quickly as possible.

White linen bedding and a minimal, fresh scent seem particularly essential to us. An intricate and easy-to-use lighting concept greatly contributes to comfort. In the bathroom, a cosmetic mirror with light, wonderful cosmetic products, and fluffy, fragrant towels that can be hung in the right place are imperative.

What we couldn’t provide but is of great importance is the people who warmly welcome and take care of the guests.

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